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Mini Die Set - Numbers

Mini Die Set - Numbers

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  • 20 dies to cut out numbers from 0 to 9
  • Plus punctuation including exclamation marks, an ampersand and more
  • Create personalized birthday cards
  • Largest die: 0.4” x 0.4” (0.9cm x 0.9cm)
  • Sized to work perfectly with the Gemini Mini
  • Ideal for customized cards, gift tags and more

Mini Die Set - Numbers

Create embellishments and centrepieces that are small but perfectly formed with the Gemini Mini Dies collection!

Designed and sized to work perfectly with the Gemini Mini, each die set creates small and sweet die-cut designs ready to pop onto your cards, bags, gift tags and more!

Die-cutting creates intricate cut out designs with a level of delicacy that simply couldn’t be created with scissors or a craft knife!

The collection includes full alphabet and number sets to personalise your makes, chic brush-lettered sentiments plus sweet themed sets for birthdays, new arrivals and so much more!

The Numbers Mini Die Se includes 20 dies, one for each letter of number from 0-9, plus exclamation and question marks, brackets, an ampersand and hashtag. With suffixes such as ‘nd’ and ‘st’ you can create personalised birthday, anniversary and milestone cards!

Small, portable and easy-to-use the Gemini Mini is ideal for all crafters including die-cutting beginners!

All you need is a die-cutting machine, a die and your chosen card or paperstock. Simply create your plate combination using the helpful Sandwich Guide in the instruction manual and run through your die-cutting machine – it’s that simple!

With Gemini Mini Die sets designed to embellish and add some die-cut details to cards and crafts for every occasion, why not take a look at the full collection?

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